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12 Volt Cigarette Lighter Socket


Quality 12 Volt cigarette socket also known as accessory socket. These are one of the most popular socket on the market. Can be used with our leads.

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    The Baintech premium grade accessories socket and housings range includes the most common connection ports to power your low voltage equipment. Featuring heavy duty housings for durability and high grade internal connections for enhanced reliability you can be assured that these accessory sockets and housings are built to last and you can be confident with a Zenot ZenPower connection to your portable fridge, battery box, lighting or other low voltage accessories.

    So what makes our accessories sockets & housings so great?

    Awesome range

    All bases are covered with our Accessories socket range, from the standard cigarette lighter type socket to double usb outlets, together with our range of housings & mini digital displays (see below) you can make up your own designs to suit your requirements.

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    Better benefits and full on features

    Rubber covers with retainer and embossed socket type identification
    Full threaded body and retaining nuts for universal and secure mounting
    High quality nickel plated spring terminals to ensure a solid connection every time
    Push on connectors for easy installation
    Flush Mount Cigarette Lighter Socket with Mounting Plate and Marine Socket Cover

    Mix, match and mount with our range of easy install housings

    Available in single, double or triple configurations and either flush or surface mount options our range of housings offer maximum flexibility when installing low voltage accessories sockets.

    Create your own custom design to suit your low voltage power needs. For example you could use our double usb socket, cigarette lighter socket and mini digital voltmeter in our triple surface mount housing to make a sensational easy install power outlet hub to the back of your vehicle or caravan.

    Optional Mini Digital Display Meters

    The range of Baintech Minis Digital Display Meters ensure vibrant visual indication of voltage or current of your 12 Volt electrical circuits. These fantastic universal meters with LED display show readings in real time with wide viewing angles. These meters fit common accessory socket mounting holes for easy installation.

    The range includes:
    Volt Meter
    Volt Meter and Current Meter combo

    The Specs
    Dimensions 40 x 81 x 55mm
    Socket Single Ciga
    Mounting Surface Mount
    Colour Black
    Rated 0-36V DC/15AMP
    Warranty 2 years
    External Connections: Nickel plated push on terminals

    The Applications
    This is your common Cigarette style socket or DC Accessories socket as the more modern accepted description. This quality socket will accept plugs from fridges, solar panel adaptors and many common low voltage appliances with the standard cigarette style / DC accessories plug.


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